Operation based on Cape Cod
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Our mission is exclusively dedicated to supporting "Traditional Cinema Filmmakers" worldwide. Both professionals and students engaged in the craft of hands-on storytelling though sprocketed 16 or 35mm film. We provide and repair the tools required to view, cut, project, and transport the material.

In the forefront of our expertise comes Steenbeck repair and restoration, many of the machines in use now are upwards of 25 years old and running strong. Warranteed used machines represent the majority of Steenbeck sales at a fraction of the price of new ones. Difficult to find Steenbeck parts have been stockpiled to assure upkeep for the years to come. Steenbeck rentals are a ideal choice for gentle previewing and preparation of archival film collections for storage or transfer to video. We also provide support for KEM and Moviola editing equipment.

Our prompt on-site repair service Nationwide is provided by Dwight Cody whose factory training and 28 years in practice assures dependable results. His early experience in servicing the New England area has resulted in the ability to anticipate and prepare for the unexpected, second to none. He currently maintains over 150 machines from coast-to-coast and extending into the Deep South and the Great Lakes regions. Specializing in Preventative Maintenance Contracts for Independents, Universities, and Archival collectors such as the Library of Congress where minimum downtime and precision is critical.

We maintain a select inventory of dependable equipment including Steenbeck flatbeds, Power rewinds, Magnetic audio film recorders and Moviola upright editing machines. Accessories such as Guillotine splicers, Moviscop viewers, Hollywood rewinds, and Eiki projectors are ready for delivery. Other complimentary services useful to film production are 16mm edge numbering, audio and film/video transferring services.

We are a direct mail order supplies source for individuals and bookstores. We offer wholesale prices and market our exclusive product lines such as the Sapphire™ brand magnetic film, Crystal Clear™ splicing tape and our World Famous Student Editing Kits™ that give students a head start toward low-cost film making. Take a look at the dozens of essential items in our Editing Supplies catalog.

As a convenience for our customers, you can now purchase by Fax or Mail using our printable Order Form or call us for faster service and ask for Ike. Get our Supplies Checklist to help yourself get organized.

Established in June 1983, The Boston Connection Inc. has provided support to numerous feature film productions such as The Witches Of Eastwick, Mermaids, In The Bedroom, and Housesitter, as well as Eyes On The Prize, and the Ken Burns' epic Baseball, and Jazz series.
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