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Why not keep your Steenbeck Editing Machines in prime condition for the semesters ahead?
Clean, smooth running Steenbecks project the professionalism that every aspiring student is seeking in a film department. Preventative maintenance reduces down time, and helps keep your students focused on finishing those projects.

Dwight Cody of The Boston Connection has been restoring and maintaining Steenbecks for twenty years. Let his expertise improve the quality and reliability of your department’s film editing machines, as it has at The Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Colorado at Boulder, to name only a couple of examples.

  Steenbeck Maintenance
  Program Procedures
     General machine check out and evaluation. 1 hour
     Clean, lubricate take-up plates; clean, lubricate and adjust tension of take-up spindles.
Re-glue plate inserts and 4” rings.
Check height and take up wind for flatness.
  1 hour
     Clean all optics from lamp source to screen, adjust projection lamp position.
Center and level projected image. Check tooth to facet alignment.
1 hour
     Verify and adjust creep synchronous speed, high speed, max speed
(procedure requires T1O1 tester for high speed machines).
     Lubricate cooling fan, clean, inspect and lubricate all rollers. 2 hours
     Adjust sound and picture gates to transport film smoothly.  
     Set sound head tension, composite audio, clean volume controls, match levels
and clarity.
     Clean and align sound heads.   
     Adjust damping rollers on sound transport. Check sprocket condition.   
     Check and replenish motor gear oil and inspect motor brushes. Search for
bad bearings or bushings. Inspect motor couplings, fuse values.
2 hours
     Check timing and v-belt condition and tension.   
     Inspect all boards, wiring, ground connections for potential hazards.
Final machine test.
1 hour

These estimates are for machines which have been receiving reasonable maintenance, and do not include the cost of parts. Neglected machines may require additional work. Long distance servicing is the specialty of The Boston Connection, we annually visit the Midwest as well as the South. Call Dwight today to estimate the cost of a service call to your location.

We also sell and service splicers, Moviscopes, Moviola flatbeds and most other editing equipment.

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