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16mm High Speed 8-Plate ST921 - Digital Counter - Power Rewinder Call
35mm High Speed 8-Plate ST721 Call
35mm High Speed 6-Plate ST701 Call
16mm STD Speed 8-Plate ST928 Call
16mm STD Speed 4-Plate ST1600 Call
16mm 6-plate Standard Speed Model ST-1900 (rebuilt) $ 4,000
16mm 6-Plate High Speed Model ST-1901 (excellent condition) 5,500
16mm 4-Plate High Speed Model ST-1601 4,500
16mm 2-plate High Speed Model ST1201V (beam splitter for video transfers) 7,500
Steenbeck Parts Spare Boards, Mirrors, Rollers, Prisms, Plates, Belts, Relays, Heads, Etc. Call

35mm 4-Plate Model KS $ 5,500
35mm 6-Plate Model KS 5,000
Super 35mm 6-Plate Model KS 7,000

Moviola 35mm Upright 1 Picture / 1 Sound $ 900
35mm Console 1 Picture / 2 Sound 1200
35mm Cutter 1 Picture / 1 Sound 1000
Flatbed Parts Transports, Motors, Belts, Picture Heads, Counters, Servo Amps, Boards, Etc. Call


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16mm Diagonal Butt Razor Block Splicer $ 150
35mm Diagonal Butt Razor Block Splicer 150
35mm Straight Razor Block Splicer 150
16mm Guillotine (Ciro) Splicer Fixed Pins 380
35mm Guillotine (Ciro) Splicer Fixed Pins 380
35mm Guillotine (Ciro) Splicer Adjustable Pins 400
NEW Guillotine (Ciro) 16mm DUAL CUT Splicer 695
16mm Maier-Hancock Hot Splicer 325
16 / 35mm Maier-Hancock Hot Splicer 500
Complete Splicer Tune-ups (parts additional, Discount for quantity of 6 or more) 105
Guillotine (Ciro) Splicer Parts: U Blades, Handles, Perforators Call
Rivas Splicer Parts: Springs, Blades, Razor Arms Call

Audio MTM 16mm / 35mm R106U Film Recorder Call
Squawk Box-Solid State (Dual Inputs) $ 100
Squawk Box-Tube Amp (Single Input) 125
Finely Hill EM-7 Mixer (4 Mag Level Inputs) 150

Projectors Eiki SSL Used Slot Load (refurbished with 2 mo. warranty) $ 595
Eiki SSL-1 New Slot Load 16mm (1 yr. warranty) 995


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Moviscop 16mm (refurbished) $ 395
Complete Moviscop Tune-ups (Parts Additional) 95
Fuseholder Conversions (includes parts) 40
Powercord Conversions (includes parts) 40
General Repairs, some parts sold Call

Sync Blocks Many configurations available Call

Miscellaneous Spacers, Spring Clamps, Shafts for Rewinds Call
Editing Bin $ 125
Moviola or Hollywood Rewinds (per pair) 200

All prices are in U.S. dollars subject to change without notice; cash or check terms; MasterCard, AMEX & Visa accepted.
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