Everything You Need to Cut a 10-Minute 16mm Double System Film
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16mm SP Colored Leader, 400'   16mm Academy DP Positive Leader, Head Only
16mm Sound Fill, 400' 16mm Sapphire™ Magnetic Film, 400' 4 mil
Sync Beep, 1 Strip 16mm DP Black Emulsion Leader, 25'
3/8" White Paper Tape 16mm Crystal Clear™ Non-Perf Splicing Tape
3" 16mm Cores, 6 pcs 16mm White Non-Perf Sound Tape
China Marker, Yellow 2" 16mm Cores, 6 pcs
China Marker, White 2 Sharpies, fine point, Red & Black
Editing Gloves, Large Pair 11" x 11" White Box
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Animation Editing Kit
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