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Editing Machines     4 Weeks
Steenbeck   16mm 4-plate   $ 400.00

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16mm 6-plate      575.00
16mm 6-high speed      650.00
16mm 8-plate      800.00
16mm 8-high speed     1000.00
35mm 4-plate      525.00
35mm 4-high speed      625.00
35mm 6-plate      800.00
35mm 6-high speed      900.00
35mm 8-high speed     1600.00
16/35mm 6-high speed     1600.00
Moviola   35mm upright ($ 75.00 per day)      385.00
  35mm cutter      385.00
35mm console      495.00
Basic Accessory  Package rewinds, splicer, split reels ($ 50.00 per week)   200.00

Additional Equipment  

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  Weekly 4 Weeks
Perf repair machine $ 30.00 $ 90.00
Eiki 16mm projector   125.00   280.00
Headphones    10.00    30.00
Power rewind unit    45.00   125.00
English reel horse    25.00    70.00
Gimmicks    20.00    50.00
Moviola torque motor box    25.00    70.00
Wooden film roll rack (30 roll cap)    10.00    25.00
Super 16 high speed Steenbeck conversion    --    75.00
16/35mm 4-gang synchronizer    25.00    50.00
Coding machine (Acmade 35mm)    --   600.00
Rewind swivel base      3.00      5.00
35mm table top viewer    35.00    55.00

Accessories   Quantity 4 Weeks

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Splicer, 16mm or 35mm; Rivas or Ciro 1 $ 45.00
Rewinds, spacers, clamps 1    63.00
Tight-wind; elbow or vertical 1      9.00
Low chair (for flatbed) 1    15.00
High chair (for bench) 1    15.00
Synchronizer, 4-gang; 16mm or 35mm 1    36.00
Magnetic reader head; 16mm or 35mm 2    18.00
Sound amplifier; twin input 1    45.00
Moviscop viewer; 16mm 1    45.00
Editing bench; with backrack, lightwell 1    63.00
Trim bin, 16mm or 35mm 1    27.00
Split reels 1000ft.; 16mm or 35mm 4    27.00
Solid reels 1000ft.; 16mm or 35mm 4    18.00
Paper tape dispenser; two roll 1      4.50
Flange; 16mm or 35mm 1    11.25
"Luxo" Lamp 1    13.50
Steel film rack (for 10" x 10" boxes) 1    45.00
Total Accessories package listed above with machine rental       Special $ 300.00 per 4 weeks

Delivery and Service Costs
FYI, a note from Dwight... Unfortunately we can no longer operate without an increase in our Labor Rate and Service Call charges. The steady increase of overall expenses have made the cost of doing business higher and our ability to absorb them has reached a point we need to act.

The increased interest in Film Preservation has spiked the demand for equipment and services. Universities are also realizing the unique value in offering "Traditional Film Production" to their students and are taking action to restore their machines. As you know we are one of the few remaining companies in the U.S. dedicated to the support of the Film Industry and covering the entire country has been demanding. This increase will assure that we can continue to offer a standard of quality we're well known for.

Thanks for your continued patronage!
Home Page Round Trip Delivery of Rented Editing Machine to Boston $ 300.00
Non-Exclusive Service Call to Boston    150.00
Exclusive Service Call to Boston     200.00
General Service Call based on distance, per hour away
(other locations based on distance, please inquire)

All prices are in U.S. dollars subject to change without notice; cash or check terms; MasterCard & Visa accepted.
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