Edited by Richard Francis Bruce on a
CinemaScope High Speed 8-Plate
Steenbeck for Director George Miller
at the Hotel Sonesta in Boston.

The Steenbeck ST 721(C) is a Double
picture eight-plate editing table for
35 mm standard and CinemaScope film.

The rear screen projection by means
of an optical compensation system with
an 18-face revolving prism provides a brilliant,
bright and sharp picture. Smooth film transport guarantees
a steady image. Light is automatically reduced when the film
transport is stopped. Easy threading saves time and prevents film damage.

High quality sound reproduction is due to a specially designed 30W amplifier and 3-way loudspeaker. Slide faders for each channel and as well as bass and treble control, stereo is optional. Direct threading saves time and ensures minimum wow and flutter. The sound heads are interchangeable. An adjustable dynamic compressor provides better control of softer passages and automatic volume muting at high speeds.

The quartz synchronised electronic drive ensures a high level of accuracy with a single lever speed selector for variable speed control in both directions with notches for synch speed and fast speed. The Steenbeck universal counter is standard equipment.