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"Long distance service is a specialty of The Boston Connection, we annually visit the Midwest as well as the South. We also sell and service splicers, Moviscopes, Moviola flatbeds and most other editing equipment. Call today to estimate the cost at your location." - Dwight

Dwight at the State Historical Society of Iowa

State Historical Society of Iowa
Film Archives
402 Iowa Avenue
Iowa City, Iowa 52240

  State Historical Society of Iowa

Thank you to Mary, Jerome, and Carol for approving the expenditure for a service call on our Steenbeck flat-bed editor. You won't believe the difference in quality after the technician cleaned up all of the optics as we now get brighter, sharper, crisper images off the old 16 mm film.

Dwight Cody, of the Boston Connection, travels from the East Coast to various institutions in the Midwest so we were lucky he was able to come to SHSI. Cody also installed a new motherboard (i.e. New Generation audio boards designed by the Boston Connection) that allows us to record sound directly off of the optical and magnetic sound readers. This is a vast improvement over us standing there with a microphone that also picks up the sound of the machine running. The audio quality will be superior now that we can plug directly into a computer or DVD player!

We had not serviced this machine in 11 years (since we bought it from Cody) and the belts were terribly worn and dangerously close to erupting and destroying the innards of the machine. So, we thank you profusely for making this wise decision even when budgets are tight. Thank goodness our donor continues to support our efforts to provide access to our incredible film collection. The photo of Dwight Cody and the Steenbeck was taken on April 23, 2011, just after he finished his work. He completely disassembled then reassembled the machine and it now purrs like a kitten.

With gratitude,
Mary Bennett
Special Collections Coordinator

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