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 Edge Coding & Syncing Tips
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  • When making sync rolls stringing together of 2-3 camera rolls is common. (The limitation is primarily the size of the Steenbeck plate).
  • In the past editors would use 3/8" paper tape in a strip about 4" long that had the sync mark on it making it possible to shift it around on the leader neatly if needed.
  • A hole punch through the Head & Tail sync mark once finished, helps with visual detection of the reference point from either side of the material on a bench or in the mixing room.
  • Spacer or fill leader is added to take up time when either the recorder or camera is not running. That material should be in good mechanical condition, not shrunken, without perf damage and contain no misleading marks. Whenever Fill or slug is inserted into the soundtrack it should be done in such a way that the base side contacts the mag head so, it is less likely to foul the head during playback.
  • When complete a "Sync set" is designated a Sync Roll number such as #1 which then progresses in magnitude throughout the syncing process. The coding prefixes selected usually follow in a similar fashion starting with AAAA. If done this way, one is able to take advantage of the chronological and orderly progression when building the film.

Head leaders generally describe the following:

  1. If it's the head of the Picture or Sound rolls (abbreviated Pix Head or SD Head)
  2. The Film's name
  3. The sync roll number
  4. The composition (Sound rolls x,y,z or Camera rolls x,y,z) for reference to originals
  5. The head start mark (sync mark) is made on a single frame, not the frame line!
  6. Example: Head Sync ------[X]------ Start Code AAAA-0000

Tail leaders generally describe the following:

  1. Label the tail of the Picture or Sound roll, example; Pix Tail or SD Tail
  2. Tail sync mark ------[X]------ is made on a single frame not the frame line!
  3. Head and Tail Leaders should be a min. of 5 ft. with sync marks coming about 3 ft. in.
  4. 2 of fresh 3/8 tape should be used to secure the end, to avoid unraveling in transit.
  5. 11 x 11 white boxes are ideal for storage of sync sets and can be re-labeled with 1 tape.
  6. If shipping these boxes be sure to bag the film and pad the interior to avoid damage.
  7. Loose wound rolls should be rewound or labeled as such.

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